AbibiNsroma Foundation celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of environmental challenges of climate change and the pandemic. This year, the theme for Earth Day is ‘ Restore Our Earth’.

The theme is a call to action for all humans to use natural resources judiciously, take care of wildlife and ensure that we lead a sustainable life.

Plastic is produced from petroleum, which is a non-renewable resource. The production generates harmful waste to the environment: the drilling process releases numerous harmful gases. At the same time, the incineration of the 12% plastic waste also generates greenhouse gases that lead to global warming.

Plastic waste management is of great necessity not for our cities and urban areas but for the rural areas as well. We are always concerned with how we can properly and sustainably manage the tons of plastic waste generated every day to help maintain our environment to save our mother earth and help humans to live a good healthy environment.

Plastic pollution however can be attributed the phenomenon of overcrowding in our cities which has caused a rapid increase in the plastic wastes generated. Unfortunately, the amount of plastic waste, one of the most important by-products of an urban lifestyle, is growing even faster than the rate of urbanization.

The adverse effects of climate change are universal but more severe in Africa. Ghana is no exception with drought and flooding affecting citizens. The most affected are farmers: because the change in rainfall patterns is reducing crop yield and in some cases destroying farms, hence loss of livelihoods.

AbibiNsroma Foundation is calling on Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to enforce the climate change policy and mandates local assemblies to spearhead climate change action.

In this light, AbibiNsroma Foundation believes that as the world and Ghana marks Earth Day with the theme ‘ Restore Our Earth’, intensive education is urgently needed to raise Ghanaians’ awareness of the negative impact of irresponsible waste disposal in general and plastic waste in particular. Education must also be used to forge a positive change in our attitude towards the Planet.

Earth Day provides a suitable platform to raise public awareness around the world pertaining to the challenges and the well-being of the planet. Let’s remind more than ever on this International Mother Earth Day that we need a shift to a more sustainable