Abibinsroma Foundation celebrates World Water Day

Tema Mar 23, GNA – The Abibinsroma Foundation has celebrated World Water Day with a call on Ghanaians to conserve water bodies to project the nation’s socio-economic development.

The celebrations, which was on the theme “Valuing Water” was used to create awareness about water issues among students.

In a statement to mark the celebrations by Abibinsroma, which was copied to the Ghana News Agency at Tema, the Member of Parliament for Tema Central, Mr. Yves Hanson-Nortey said the availability of safe and affordable drinking water was the major driving force of Ghana’s economic development and a major source of life, observing that “Where there is no water, there is no life.”

Mr. Hanson-Nortey said water was used in all aspects of human endeavour, “from the generation of power, to transportation and from food production to our economic transformation,” and therefore must be preserved at all cost.

“Let us commit to protect and restore our water bodies whilst increasing our water use efficiency as we celebrate this year’s world water day. Let us maintain a clean environment, avoid and control activities that destroy our ecosystem in order to preserve life. For when we value water we value life,” he said.

According to the statement, Ms Mercy Onuawonto Sam, a songstress, in participating in the celebrations, said everything about our everyday life needed water, “From the point of child birth to adulthood, in food preparation, production of clothing, construction of houses, and in the healthcare delivery system.

Ms. Sam insisted on the need to fight against illegal mining and logging of trees, which destroyed water bodies for Ghanaians to get the full benefits of their water resources.

She called on fellow musicians to use their craft to fight against the abuse of water bodies since music could be used to address social issues and create awareness on matters such as valuing water.

The Songstress observed that it was necessary to share and educate the populace about the implications of pollution of water bodies and wasteful use of water. “Water is a key factor in ensuring proper sanitation in homes, offices, industries and public spaces,” she added.

“I call on all to value water and to remain responsible for its use. Ability to afford water should not guarantee one to be wasteful with it.

Mr. Bob Amiteye, Coordinator of Abibinsroma Foundation according to the statemennt said water could also be preserved in small ways in homes.

“Who can live without water and for how long? As individuals we can save water when brushing our teeth by not letting water flow wastefully and when using the shower,” he advised.

As part of activities to mark World Water Day, Abibinsroma engaged pupils in some selected schools to educate them on the importance of water to the survival of the Ghanaian and the threats water faced from climate change and pollution of water bodies through illegal mining and poor disposal of industrial waste.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Six throws light on the value of water in the ecosystem and has set out targets to make safe and affordable drinking water accessible to all.

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