AbibiNsroma Foundation on International Women’s Day, Monday 8th March

AbibiNsroma Foundation appreciates the contributions of women and girls in the development of our communities.

Amidst all the challenges women and girls face, such as rape, marginalization, discrimination, unfair opportunities, and minimal space in governance policy-making bodies, their contributions remain productive and supportive in every aspect of life.

Observing the International Women’s Day, our young ambassadors decided to assist all women who joined long queues to be vaccinated at Tema community 7 by reaching out to them to pick their details to that of asking them to move to another table to present their information. They have been very grateful for the preferential treatment as part of celebrating their inputs in family roles and communities.

Tracey Amoah one of the young ambassadors of AbibiNsroma Foundation visited some women in business to find out their challenges in the covid-19 pandemic.

One of the women recounted poor sales due to low patronage. She said caring for the children has been a challenge. I would welcome any form of incentives from government or non-governmental organisations to help ease the difficulties.

Tracey Amoah Amoah met with the local legislator for the Union electoral area to appeal to him to consider the interest of women and girls when making policies at the local assembly level.

She appealed to Mr. Kwesi Asomani, the assemblyman, to have more engagement with the woman groups in his community for him to appreciate the power and strength women have to contribute to the development of the entire Tema metropolis.

In his pleasing words, Mr. Asomani shared that, he belonged to the various community associations or groups, and where he isn’t a member he attends their meetings upon invitation. He mentioned the women have a part to play in the equation of building an inclusive society that cannot be understated.

This is just to say, stay blessed for society cannot live or progress without you.

Let us support women & girls as part of building an inclusive society.

Fair and Equal Opportunities for all

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