GCAP Africa announces new Africa Regional Council Members.

On behalf of GCAP Africa, we wish to welcome the new regional council members to the region.

The new team begins their 3-year term effective 1st April 2021. The new team are already members of the regional assembly who are bringing diverse expertise and huge experiences of being in GCAP for many years. They will help in providing strategic direction and leading the region for the Africa we want.

The new members are:

Mr. Ken Amoateng: GCAP Ghana National Coordinator. He is also the executive director of AbibiNsroma-Ghana

Ms. Aminata Toure: GCAP Mali National Coordinator. She is also the executive director of AMASBIF, Mali

Ms. Martina Kabasama /GCAP Tanzania; SAHRiNGON Tanzania/ Action for Change

Mr. Dennis Nyati /GCAP Malawi, Civil Society SDGs Campaign

Mr. Mahen Busgopaul/ GCAP Mauritius; Halley Movement- Mauritius

Women constituency: Ms. Caroline Usekpedo/GCAP Nigeria Noble Delta Women for Peace and Development (NDWPD)

Youth constituency: Mr. Esso Pedessi / GCAP TOGO; Jeunes Verts -Togo

GCAP Africa is delighted to welcome such a strong team of new members and we look forward to supporting them in the coming years to play their roles and responsibilities effectively. We also take the opportunity to thank the past team for the great work and services. We look forward to your continuing support to the regional assembly.

Once again, on behalf of the entire general assembly, congratulations to the new team, we wish you the best in all their endeavours.


Oumar Sow,

Noma Gwere

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