Reaching the zero malaria target: World Malaria Day 2021.

AbibiNsroma Foundation believes every malaria case is preventable, and every malaria death is unacceptable. Urgent action is therefore needed to stop the scourge of this disease and to get on track towards the global malaria goals of a 90% reduction in cases and deaths by 2030.

This includes investment to expand access to malaria interventions for groups that have been left behind, such as children and pregnant women. Smart deployment is also important to protect the effectiveness of malaria tools, along with innovations to proactively address anticipated challenges

AbibiNsroma Foundation seeks to eradicate the malaria parasite in Ghana through the localisation of the Artemisia plant which medicinal qualities would be readily available and affordable for even low income households to treat malaria

However, we still have much more work to do in providing access to key malaria prevention tools and treatment to those suffering from the disease. We must redouble our efforts to ensure that every person has access to a mosquito net — and that they will use them.

AbibiNsroma Foundation grassroots campaign aimed at empowering communities to take the responsibility of preventing and treating malaria and to keep malaria high on the political agenda to improve the mobilisation of resources that can help the communities do the same. Malaria, by its complexity involving health as well as environmental.

AbibiNsroma appeals for research capacity and research resources in priority areas,

AbibiNsroma Foundation calls for more shared responsibility and global solidarity to commit to the fight against malaria like the Covid-19

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